Speaker: McKenzie Cunningham

McKenzie Cunningham is the Founder and CEO of women empowerment company Surshe– The first ever subscription box with products made by all female entrepreneurs. McKenzie comes from a professional sales background. She started in the spirits industry at the age of 22 and quickly realized that she had a knack for selling and managing huge teams of sales reps. However, like most of us at one time or another, she still felt unfulfilled because she wasn’t passionate about what she was doing on a daily basis. It wasn’t until she purchased a hair bow for her daughter from her friend who had recently started a new company that the idea of Surshe came to her.

She wanted to find a way to help empower female entrepreneurs and feature their companies and products on a larger scale. She spent the next 6 months building a plan, creating boxes, and aligning with the women and opportunities that were meant for her. Surshe now offers four different themed subscription boxes to choose from including the Goddess Box, Momma Box, Southern Box and the State Box which is specific to the state of your choosing. They continuously add new female business owners and their awesome products to the subscription boxes so you are always getting the coolest, most on trend items. Visit her website and start receiving your one of kind box today!

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