I’m Kacey, Nice to Meet You!

Hi loves! Thank you all so much for stopping by to check out our blog and to get to know each of us on a more personal level! I’m Kacey and am 1/3 of LLN as well as a Momma to my sweet baby girl Isla who just turned a year old in May. I have lived all over the place starting with Virginia, San Diego, Miami, LA, Austin, Zurich, back to Austin and now I’m outside of this awesome city we all love, CLT! I have traveled the world and have had many amazing experiences with all different cultures, people and places but my greatest adventure thus far has been raising my daughter.

My life has been the most crazy it’s ever been this last year and a half. As some of you know from my IVF Awareness blog, it was super hard/heartbreaking/time consuming/etc. for me to get pregnant but I finally did, thank the Lord. I thought my life was on the path of what I’d always dreamed of- started a big family, launched a business with my childhood besties, moved back to the East Coast and was married to someone whom I thought was an amazing man who I’d been with for 13 years. As it turns out, I found out when our baby was just 4 months old about something no wife ever wants to. My whole world came crashing down and changed in the matter of an instant. Unless you’ve been through something traumatic, I’m not really sure how to put it into words to explain the feelings. You don’t know what’s real and what’s not, you question every single thing that’s ever happened in your marriage/relationship, and your heart is completely ripped into a million pieces all while feeling helpless because NO matter what, you can do nothing to change what happened. I found out 9 months ago and I am still shook by it although I now realize everyone is free to make their own choices in life and you just have to keep moving forward.

I am 34, a new mom and going through a divorce all while trying to crush my role in our awesome women focused business and have some sort of social life (oh and also trying to get through this world pandemic). I know things can only go up from here for me and I am grateful for that. I know this probably wasn’t the super bubbly and happy introduction you were expecting but I can only be real and speak about my personal experience on things so that’s what I’m here to do. Maybe a few of you ladies are going through something similar and will be able to relate on some level. I do have hope that my happy life is only just beginning and that there are still very good, even great men out there. I’m not going to let anyone or anything hold me back from the happiness that Isla and I deserve. I hope if you are going through a rough time, that you do see the light at the end of the tunnel. I didn’t for a while but thanks to support from my family and friends like Heather and Brit, I am stronger than ever and know I will be better off. I’m sure I’ll touch more on this subject down the road if anyone wants to hear more about it but feel free to leave a comment with any advice or questions! Cheers babes!

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  1. You are an amazing daughter and mother and I am so proud of you, love you with all my heart

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