Happy Monday, from the beach!

Not your average Monday over here. I am currently ocean-side with my Hubby Matt, our three-year-old Hazel and Grammy (my Mom) is on her way! This is actually the first vacation we have taken as a family, aside from little weekend getaways here and there – it is also Hazel’s first trip to the beach! We made the mistake of telling her about this trip a few weeks ago and have literally heard her talk about it every day since then – lesson learned: toddlers don’t get to know about fun trips until it’s time to get in the car and GO, lol!

Saturday was our first full day at the beach. Hazel was so excited, she woke us up at 5:30 am ready to roll! She loves it here- the waves were a little scary at first but now she loves jumping over them with Daddy’s help. She’s not a fan of being all sandy but who really is?! We’ve spent mornings at the beach and afternoons at the pool with our little mermaid and plan to do so all week!

When we aren’t vacationing on the beach we are working from home! Matt fortunately has a job that allows him to work from home during COVID-19, he just has not been traveling like usual. I spend my days switching between playing with Hazel, getting things done for LLN and working on my photography business. If you have been to any of our LLN events, you would most likely know this about me, as I’m the one always snapping photos! But if you didn’t know, I also own my own photography business, Heather Ison Photography! I specialize in Portraits, Branding and Interiors in the greater Charlotte area. I made my business official late last year. I am just getting things going and I am having SO much fun doing it! I have already met some really amazing women, local businesses and repeat clients. I am extra excited for what’s to come this year and moving forward. Photography brings me so much joy and I’ve just felt so grateful this past year to be able to do something where I can express myself creatively.

Hazel Aurora, Age 3

The other main part of my life {besides my Hubs, Matthew} is our little nugget Hazel. She is a beautiful, expressive, kind {but at times very sassy} three year old and we love her so much! Age three is tons of fun. I think most parents who have had a three year old would agree. She’s inquiring about things so much more and the statements and phrases that come out of her mouth are usually hilarious and shocking at times – it’s true what they say, those little ears are ALWAYS listening. *Fingers crossed* she will be headed back to preschool in the fall. She loves school and we are really looking forward to this, as I’m sure most parents are. Hopefully all goes well and these little minds get to go back to socializing with friends and learning from their teachers soon!


Besides always being up for a chat on LLN, you can come say hi on my personal Instagram: @heather_ison – where I talk mostly fashion, all things Hazel and an occasional #CookingwithMatthew session {I’m one of the lucky ones that snatched up a handsome hubs who enjoys baking bread, smoking meats and cooking delicious meals for us}! AND if you ever need a family or business branding photographer, I’m your girl! Let’s chat!

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  1. Enjoyed reading all about what’s going on in your life! Sooo proud of you my precious Heather! Hugs, A. Monie

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