Happy Monday With a Twist

Hey, Britney here! Happy Monday! I hope you all had an awesome weekend celebrating the good ole US of A on the 4th with your family and friends like I did. It was a fun day filled with delicious grub, backyard games, all the red, white and blue our hearts could stand and of course, some pretty fireworks to end the night. It has always been one of my favorite holidays. Growing up in Virginia, we would always go to my grandparents’ house in Reedville (right on the Chesapeake Bay) to celebrate with a massive party, illegally obtained fireworks (shhh) and a few bushels of delicious crabs. Those memories will forever be some of my favorites and this holiday definitely holds a special place in my heart.

Speaking of VA, my story started there but it has definitely taken a few detours along the way. After high school, I decided to head South to attend Coastal Carolina University (Go Chants!) in Conway, SC which is a stone’s throw away from Myrtle Beach. Heather and I grew up together and had always kept in touch throughout the years but CCU was where our friendship really blossomed. We found out through a mutual friend in high school that we were both going there so naturally, we decided to be roommates. Man, if those dorm room walls could talk. To be real, they’d probably just tell stories about how we used to get drunk on cheap vodka and orange soda, dance like idiots to Ashlee Simpson and how we gained our freshman 15 on a solid diet consisting of grilled cheeses, Ramen and Easy Mac. Nevertheless, it was a damn good time and Heather and I ended up becoming the best of besties and living together through college graduation. 

Beer Pong. CHECK. Ripped Poster. CHECK. Poorly hung curtains. CHECK. Welcome to CCU.

After college, I ended up rolling the dice and moving to Florida with Ryan who I had really only been dating for a couple months. I went there with the clothes I could fit into my tiny Honda Prelude and probably $50 to my name. Back in those days, I had zero responsibilities, no cares in the world and would literally go anywhere the wind blew me. But hey, Ryan and I eventually fell in love and got married so I’d say that risky gamble totally paid off. In between Florida and getting married in Mexico, we moved to Kansas City, MO, Columbia, SC, back to Florida and then finally landed in this beautiful Queen City. What a time that was. I look back on it today and smile but also kind of cringe at how little I knew and all the irresponsible decisions I was making. You live and you learn though, right? Then you tell your kids not to repeat your dumb mistakes… which naturally they roll their eyes at and then immediately repeat them anyway. Ahhh, the circle of life.

September 6th 2014 #randbfiesta

Speaking of kids, if you’ve been following along on this LLN journey of ours, you probably already know that I have two sons. One hilarious, spunky little 4-year-old named Lyric who has more swag than he knows what to do with and one adorable, balding, little nugget named Lennon who will be 5 months old on the 15th of this month. I fully expected Lennon to look just like Lyric but he arrived and threw us a complete curveball with his fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. It’s wildly awesome how different your kids can turn out to be. You create these tiny miracles and then they just go on their way having all of these amazing thoughts, talents and personalities of their own. It’s such a cool thing to witness but honestly, can actually be really scary too, especially given the current state of the world filled with pandemics, messy political feuds, hatred and inequality. I guess you just have to raise them to know that love will always win over hate, everyone’s differences are what makes this life so colorful and beautiful and that they always have to stand up for what is right, no matter what. I think if we pass those few important ideals along, then we will have done our jobs. I feel nothing but good vibes about these next generations coming up. They will be the change this world needs for sure.

Lyric & Lennon 7/4/20

That’s probably enough of me rambling on about my life journey up to this point. If you ever want to hear more of my random thoughts and ramblings, you can visit my personal blog here and give that a go. It’s sure to entertain you for at least a few minutes. It seems we have a lot of free time to fill these days. I will bring this to a close by saying that I don’t exactly know what my future holds but one thing is for certain: quarantine babies are REAL. That’s right, folks. In true Britney fashion, “Oops, I did it again.” McCormick family of 5 headed your way February 2021. And oh yeah, it’s a girl! See below for Lyric’s surprised face when he found out he was getting a little sister. Complete chaos is inevitable but I thrive in that shit so let’s go! If we can get through 2020, we can get through anything, ammaright? Bring it on 2021!

It’s a girl!

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