So Much More than Galentine’s

I have the immense privilege and honor to launch Ladies Lifestyle Network in Austin. There
have been multiple times where I’ve asked myself “Why am I doing this?” or “Why am I taking
on more in my life?”. Thursday’s launch event answered all of those questions.

For those of you that don’t know me, hello! A little bit about me…

I grew up in Ohio and attended Case Western Reserve University. I remained in Cleveland until
I moved to Austin in 2010 with my now husband, John.

I am the Director of Operations and Business Development at CHARM – Center for Healing and
Regenerative Medicine and CHARMedSpa, a role that I’m extremely passionate about.

Aside from my job, I am also active in numerous healthcare and business groups. I recently
fulfilled a 3 year term as President of the Austin Chapter of Healthcare Businesswomen’s
Association (HBA), a global nonprofit organization dedicated to the furthering the advancement
and impact of women in the business of healthcare. Immediately following that term I was
elected as President of Capital City Medical Group Management Association (CCMGMA) and
remain an active member of Texas Women In Business (TWIB) and eWomenNetwork.

Outside of my professional life, I stay active and busy with my husband and friends. You can
find me working out almost daily at Pure Barre and Hotworx. We frequent local restaurants
and take advantage of as much live music as possible! Finally, travel is always high on our list so
we get on a plane as often as we can.

Life sounds fairly full, right? So back to my questions above…why am I doing this?

I feel like I’m a natural connector of people. I’ve always been a cheerleader for all of my
friends’ successes. I pride myself in empowering and developing my staff. I’ve easily stepped
into leadership roles. Yet something was missing. Something that could bridge the gap
between all of these things. Here comes the opportunity for Ladies Lifestyle Network.

As I started getting Austin ready to launch, I still questioned it.

There are so many networks of all kinds in Austin. Why try to start another?

How am I going to find the time to do this?

What is the purpose…MY purpose…in doing this?

The Galentine’s Social launch event answered all of these for me.

Yes, there are a ton of networks and social groups in Austin, and why shouldn’t LLN be one of
them?? We are here to inspire, empower, encourage and support ALL WOMEN, no matter
where they are in life. I met women who are entrepreneurs, stay at home moms, women
working full time jobs while starting their own businesses on the side. The age range of the
women in the room was from 22yo and up. There is a place for everyone at LLN.

It’s easy finding the time to put the work in for this when it is FUN!! I loved connecting with
businesses and people all across the city as I was in search of venues, vendors, and
contributors. I loved getting to be creative in the planning and having the opportunity to
feature a powerful speaker and impactful charity. Time is what you make of it, and I turned my
time into creating an opportunity for people to come together and connect on a level that they
may not have been able to otherwise.

Finally, I’ve found my purpose in this. This allows me to put my strengths to work and to do the
things that bring me joy. I am on fire for building a community of women that can come
together and have fun at a social event while talking and sharing honestly and deeply with each
other on a personal level. I’m here to support everyone in finding and following their dreams
while I follow mine. Will you join me?

A special thank you to our venue, vendors, speaker and charity that made this launch event
Austin Beerworks @austinbeerworks
Hotworx Bee Cave @hotworxbeecave
Emily Schoolcraft Photography @emilyschoolcraftphotography
Call Me Darlin’ Boutique
Susan Senft @sweetlysue
Laura Gisborne @limitlesswomen
Hope Austin @hope4austin

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