How to Kill Time in the Airport

Here I am…stuck in an airport with a delayed flight. Not the way I wanted to end a fantastic
girls weekend away, but I’m using it to be productive. I thought I’d share with you ways you
can kill time while waiting at the airport.

  1. People Watch – Easy enough and you know you’re doing it already anyway.
  2. Read a book – I always bring a book with me while traveling, and delays are the perfect
    time to get in some reading time. If you don’t have one on you, you can find them
    everywhere throughout the airport! I often just browse to add book titles to my reading
  3. Write a journal or blog about your experience – Obviously this is what I’m doing now!
    You can document your thoughts in a journal, phone notes or even on a bar napkin!
    Some of my best ideas come during these random down times.
  4. Don’t stay idle – I walk laps around the airport halls and larger areas. You know you will
    be sitting on a plane for hours, so take advantage of your time & stretch your legs.
  5. Clear emails/messages – As much as I am not yet ready for Monday to come, it is
    certainly nice to be somewhat caught up before your first day back. Clear
    emails/dm’s/voice mails etc and your load will feel a lot lighter!
  6. Chat with a stranger – Everyone has a story to tell, be it a vacationer or business
    traveler. I’ve had some of the best conversations at airport bars or restaurants, and
    even at the gate seating. You never know who you will meet and what you might learn!
  7. Watch a movie – You likely at least have your phone with you if not an ipad or laptop. I
    typically have movies or tv shows downloaded from Netflix, iTunes, etc so I can use this
    extra idle time to check it out.
  8. Check out the airport shops or spa services – Some airports have great shopping! It can
    be overpriced if you are purchasing touristy items, but I’ve found some regular retail
    shops are equivalent to online or non airport store front pricing. I also sometimes treat
    myself and book a chair massage at one of the spa stores. If you have a long day of
    travel it can be worth it.
  9. Sports fan? You can always find sports on at airport bars – I prefer the actual bar over a
    table, but sometimes you take what you can get. The good thing about this is that
    incorporates #1 and #6!
  10. Plan your next trip – My husband and I have made this a habit. The best thing about a
    trip being over is being able to look forward to the next one. The girls that I just left and
    I are also tossing out ideas to each other over text about where we can go next.

Delays are not fun, but they are part of travel unfortunately. Make the best of it and use your
time for something good!

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