About LLN

About LLN - Britney, Kacey, Heather

Welcome to Ladies Lifestyle Network! We are Kacey, Heather & Britney- three lifelong best friends who aim to inspire and empower women of any and all walks of life. Our story begins circa 1995 when we all met in elementary school while growing up in Virginia and formed an unstoppable friendship that has withstood years of many questionable hairstyle choices, moves across the country and life’s inevitable ups and downs that we all find ourselves experiencing. We’ve supported each other through it all and now we’ve got the gang back together and we’re here to combine forces and bring other women together, one awesome social networking event at a time.

Our LLN Socials are a place where you and your besties can come to mingle, network with other local women in business or just relax with a tasty cocktail and have a fun, well-deserved night out. If you love great food, wine, music, fashion or just love to have a good time, you are in the right place. If you are an expecting mother, someone eager to become a mother, a mother who has no clue what she’s doing most of the time, or none of those things at all, you are also in the right place.



Content Creator & OCD Specialist

Britney aims to write fresh, enjoyable and hopefully witty content for your entertainment. She comes from an administrative professional background so will always cross the T’s and dot the I’s. She whole heartedly believes that the difference is in the details. She is sometimes referred to as the “grammar police”- if you’re a typo, she will find you and she will correct you. It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it.

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CLT Connoisseur & Social Media Guru

Heather knows the ins and outs of everything this great city has to offer. She is always exploring the newest hot spots and staying on trend whether it’s the most delicious place to grub or a hidden gem clothing boutique. Heather is our forward-thinker and is pretty technologically advanced- she’s the one that keeps us cool (we’re cool, right?) and relevant. Added Bonus: She’s super crafty! She never backs down from a DIY challenge. If you’ve seen any pretty, sparkly décor at our events that caught your eye, she probably had a hand in it.

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Jedi Sales Master & Resident Lady Hustler

Kacey is our go getter and paper chaser who is always focusing on stimulating growth and making dat mula. She is constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to expand this growing empire of ours. She pushes the idea that the sky’s the limit when it comes to where we can take LLN and we are all driven by her ambition and big dreams.

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