Hey Everyone- I’m Kacey and I’m the only person in Ladies Lifestyle Network you have yet to meet so here I am. As you already know, Britney, Heather and I are all three from the beautiful state of Virginia which is where we all met when we were just kids and formed this stellar friendship of ours. I lived there up until college until the West Coast was calling my name too loudly to ignore. I have family in California and had traveled there a lot over the years, so I decided to move there and see what life as a permanent resident was all about. Needless to say, it was filled with endless adventures and it’s definitely a life experience I’ll forever be grateful for.

I met people there that I was able to learn and grow from in a lot of ways. During this time in my life, I also began traveling the world which has forever shaped the person I am today. I’ve been so fortunate to have experienced so many amazing places over the years. Travelling truly opens your eyes and mind in a way that you only experience from submerging yourself in other cultures, seeing things from another perspective and allowing yourself to really take in the moment. I will always be the first to hop on a flight to a new destination. Aside from sharing my travels with you, I’m also a pet lover, avid yogi and most importantly, a brand-new Mama to a beautiful little girl named Isla. I travelled a long, hard road to get to her (we’ll get to that story later) but now that she’s here, I know she was absolutely worth every second of the wait.

I’m so happy to finally be a Mom and it makes me smile from ear to ear knowing I now get to experience motherhood side by side two of my childhood best friends. We are here to share our lives and interests with you and in return, we want to meet you and hear your stories as well. We all have them so we might as well chat about them and support one another in this crazy journey. Stay tuned for events in the Queen City with LLN. We can’t wait to meet you soon!